Mark Rümmeli


• Director, Asian Region
• Co-Founder


• Professional: LinkedIn
• Research: ResearchGate

Specialist Areas:

• Research Funding Consultant
• Adviser for Further Studies
• Learning Solutions Expert
• Educational Consultant


• CSci - Chartered Scientist
• CPhys - Chartered Physicist
• Registered European Physicist
• DSc (h.c.) in NanoScience
• PhD in Plasma Physics & Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy
• BSc (Hons) Physics & Computer Electronics
• Certificate in Data Communications


• Email:
• Phone: +88 139 1277 9016

Prof. Mark Rümmeli

Mark is the Director for Asian Region and a Co-Founder of Efixis. He believes in the importance of a strong relationship with customers and the importance of customer satisfaction.

He has a strong background in academia. His experience includes the simultaneous management of various fundamental science research groups around the world and establishing hybrid e-learning programs in the West Indies and the USA for health and medical training including nurses and medical doctors. He is currently a full professor and academic director at a science research institute in Jiangsu, adjunct professor at Peking University, and a guest professor at Wuhan University, China. He also heads research groups in Germany and Poland.

His international academic background includes numerous collaborations around the globe including the UK, Germany, Poland, France, the Czech Republic, the USA, Mexico, Canada, China, Vietnam, South Korea and more. He, thus, brings with him a strong and truly global academic network in education and research with over 30 years’ experience in academia and education. His passion is education. He believes education lies at the core of world citizenship where individuals and societies work for the benefit of humanity.

Mark considers himself a global citizen having been born in Malawi, grown up and schooled in Zambia, Peru, Argentina and the UK. He completed his university education in the UK and then worked across the globe. Mark values time with his family. He is in avid globe trotter, and as part of his many adventures, fondly recalls a transatlantic voyage on a 70ft classic wooden yacht as one of seven sailing crew. He thrives on the joy of discovery in travel and learning the value of life from different cultures and peoples.